Sense of humour failure

Oh dear,

I’ve barely started exploring the “strange but true” / “wry sideways look at life” / “are people really that stupid” … genre and I’ve annoyed someone already. So I guess I’m doing something right? <g>

Athene Aquinas seems to have taken offence at the Everything you ever heard about Germans and deckchairs is true post.

“Hmm, I see you like Germans…” the resident of Munich moans. They’ve obviously got the hump.

Actually no. I don’t like Germans. But nor do I dislike Germans either (go visit Spain if you want to meet people who SERIOUSLY don’t like Germans). I’m totally neutral.

The account of the idiot who tried to get rid of the spiders with a D.I.Y flame-thrower would have been equally hilarious, whatever the nationality involved. Stupidity transcends state borders. So the fact that a German was involved is totally irrelevant.

But, like it or not, you have to accept that when it comes to sun-loungers by the pool then Germans have a certain reputation. And they can hardly complain if their behaviour reinforces the prejudice.

Was I “taking the Michael” for pointing this out? A note for the linguistically challenged… If you don’t understand “taking the Michael” then go ask a friendly local Oirish-man. And assuming that he doesn’t come from there in the first place, he can probably tell you some cracking tales about how stupid the folk are in Kerry. Other people’s idiocy is a lingua franca after all.

So is this stereotyping? Only if you are so politically correct you really shouldn’t be here in the first place. Or is it, to borrow from the Strine, “ripping the piss”? Yep, you’ve got the idea. If you haven’t managed at least a little smirk or grimace then you obviously live in Germany and are suffering an acute sense of humour failure.

And as my correspondent wrote

> “Under that same logic, Americans would then be like Michael Jackson or was it Mike Tyson?”

Had they bothered to read rather than jump to conclusions, they might have got the impression that I think there are quite a few idiot Mercuns out there too. See the Cheeseburger in Caseville post for a prime example.

And if they really think we Brits can’t laugh at ourselves they’ve obviously ignored, or missed the point of, Elspeth is right

Fear not. I promise I won’t be horrid to Germans / Americans / (insert nationality to suit) in the next post. Unless you’re from Belgium. Because it is their turn next. You know that old question about “how many famous Belgians can you name”? Most people can manage two (maybe).

I’ve got another 11 to add to the list. Though whether they’ll want to be reminded about their place in the “Hall of Fame” is moot. But mockery is the best form of humour, after all.

Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “Sense of humour failure

  1. Athene Aquinas

    Please, dear let’s call a spade a spade. Im the U.S. citizen residing in Munich and I think you starting an article off with “ALL you heard about Germans is true..” isnt funny… sorry. I pretty much sounds to me like you enjoy insulting people based on their culture or nationality. You say “No I don’t like Germans, but I don’t hate them either… go to spain”. Well I lived 2 years in Spain and don’t feel the hate you talk about. Perhaps all I was gettting at is you might want to drop the “NATIONAL” bit. I don’t LIKE OR DISLIKE anyone due to where they come from. You on the other hand, seem to enjoy stereotypes. That you can classify 80 million people by either what you’ve read or the few Germans you’ve met seems odd. Where are the posts about Idiot Americans? Tell ya what I don’t like… Intolerance. None the less, I do respect your right to say what you feel… I’m just sorta embarrassed with “COUNTRYMEN” generalizing and making a bad name for all of… WE the people.

  2. Athene Aquinas

    Oh, forgive me, I see your IP now, you’re a LIMEY… HAAHAHAHAH that makes sense, you all are God’s gift to the world. Rofl, do my a FAVOUR (note spelling) thank England for BSE aka Mad Cows disease. Oh, where in Spain were you? Mallorca? rofl.

  3. Athene Aquinas

    One last thing, don’t you think you owe me a “Thank you Athene”? After all, these three posts comprise 50% of all of your comments posted… I see you have a LARGE following. Well, to show you I do have a sense of HUMOUR…

    How does a Brit say hes hungry but can’t eat due to a toothache?

    I fink I could eat a horse but my teef hurt. 😉 If the shoe fits…


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