Monthly Archives: June 2006

Ten miles

Beaulieu, Buckler’s Hard, Boldre, Hatchet Pond, Frame Heath Inclosure, Brockenhurst.

Two deer (a pleasant surprise since I expected them to be deep in the thickets in this weather), a swan fussing over her brood of six (growing nicely but still in the fluffy cotton-wool ball stage) while her mate gave a dog that dared to paddle in the shallows very short shrift (wonders idly if swans and geese were the originators of hissy fits?). A pony with a still spindly foal at heel. Assorted wabbits…

And did you know that Hythe Pier (a novel way to arrive in the New Forest) is the seventh longest in Britain? No nor did I before today. Which makes me think that there must be a lot of piddling piers dotted around the country.

I was going to use part of this weekend to catch up on the backlog of mails and replies I owe people. But you’ll have to forgive me if your mailbox remains empty. Because if I don’t get too stiff overnight (no sniggering at the back please) I’m tempted by more of the same tomorrow. Exbury Gardens then along the coast to Lepe and Calshot perhaps.

A wise old bird (she’ll probably hate me for the “old” bit but it scans better that way) said something this week that made me think. It was actually in connection with something else, but the key thought was: it’s important to make the time and the space to discover what you want and need.

That, and a subsequent conversation down the pub, set me thinking. And, as I think I’ve said before, I always seem to do my best thinking when I go walking. Which sounds like rather a good reason (if any were needed) to go walking again tomorrow.

And what did I think about while walking today? Apart from the above, bugger all! It was too nice a day to do anything other than kick back and enjoy. There’s a lot to be said for chilling in the sun.