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I think I’ve discovered another one. And since it involves chocolate I thought I should share 😀

I popped into M&S at the station for a bottle of water and a sandwich to while away the train journey. You know how it is that those marketing bods always have lots of tempting things by the queue for the till. They hope that while you wait in line you can be lured into an impulse purchase.

“Mmm…” I thought. “they look interesting…”. Somewhere up there, the god of marketing gurus undoubtedly laughed as I tossed the packet into the basket. Another sweet-toothed sucker takes the bait.

Some time later, pottering round the Cambridge University Botanic Garden (and rather good it was too, though perhaps a little too early in the year to see the grounds at their finest) taking photos on a crisp spring afternoon, I felt a little peckish. So I dipped into a pocket for the previous purchase.

I can officially report that M&S Belgian White Chocolate coated Blueberries with a Blueberry Dusting are awesome.

Only 340 calories per pack 😉 I munched my way through half the bag, so no need to feel too guilty.

Though if the weather holds then I suspect the rest will be gone by the end of tomorrow’s expedition 😀

The flash on the pack says “New” (another good marketing ploy that). So they may not have reached the provinces yet. But if you spot them in an M&S near you then you MUST try them.