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Pulling the wool

What’s that they say about life imitating art?

A herd of sheep have been penned in a deserted factory in Zagreb and are constantly in the camera’s gaze as they are visited by a flock of famous writers who try to entertain the poor lambs with readings from their works.

The event, part of an arts festival, has become a smash hit on Croatian television, which probably says a great deal about the standard of entertainment on offer in that part of the world. And not only can you follow every bleat on the web, you also get to vote for which sheep is next for the chop. If the beast chosen for eviction is not adopted by a viewer then the poor thing is headed for the slaughterhouse.

As you might imagine, the do-gooders do not approve. The Stado show has got the animal rights activists’ goat. They’ve described the project as “scandalous” and said that people were being pressured into adopting a sheep just to save it from slaughter.

Sinisa Labrovic, whose idea it was, said: “I’m not torturing them. I am not an insensitive bastard who abuses animals.” He claims the show is satire. “It shows that more and more people, especially those who take part in reality shows, are made to look like sheep in every situation”.

Pass the mint sauce please.